Planning To Tint Your Home Window? Here Are 4 Important Things You Should Know

28 July 2022
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Many people tint their windows because of the many advantages associated with the tint. For instance, it limits the amount of sunlight affecting your home, keeping you from constantly running your air conditioner during the hot season. In the end, you will part with lower electricity cost than usual. Even with such benefits, different aspects are worth considering before you go ahead with the window treatment.

The Installation Takes A Short Time

You should expect this window treatment to take a short time. The time it takes to complete the installation depends on the number of windows you plan to tint. Generally, the application will take a shorter time than installing pre-tinted windows. Tint installers start by cleaning the work area to remove dust, then measure and cut the sheets as per the window size before applying. Depending on the work area's size, you can expect this process to take several hours before completion.

You Can Choose Between Factory Coated and Window Films

When preparing to tint your house, you can weigh two options and pick the best one for your needs. You can choose a factory-coated window or place a privacy film. The pre-tinted options have excellent performance in reducing UV light, while privacy tints are less costly to install. 

Tint Options Available To Suit Your Unique Needs Are Countless

If you're looking forward to seeing your windows have an aesthetic appeal, you can consider many treatment options. For instance, some designs make them appear stained or etched. That said, you should know that some of these tints may not be effective in helping you save energy. If privacy is a top concern, you should consider an installation that will darken your window while limiting the heat getting into your home.

Some Tints Have Reflective Coating

If you don't want to darken your interiors but keep the sun out of your residential home, you should apply a reflective film. There are tint options that make your window appear like a mirror when looking from the outside of your house during the day. Not all homeowner's associations allow such treatments, so confirm whether your association allows it before you can start the application process.

Consider installing tint if you're unhappy with your old or energy-inefficient windows. Besides improving your curb appeal and energy efficiency, they can also enhance the safety of your residential home, especially if you live in a busy neighborhood. So, before going for this treatment, consider the few ideas shared in this guide. 

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