Installing A Skylight In Your Home

14 June 2022
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Skylights can be an easy way of adding more natural light to your home's interior. While these lights can be an important upgrade to make to your house, there are some situations where you may not have realistic expectations for these features due to some assumptions that you may be making.

Assumption: You Will Be Unable To Open The Skylight

Individuals may not realize that skylights can be an excellent addition for improving the amount of light that is entering the home, as well as being capable of enhancing the ventilation of the home. This is possible as many skylights are designed so that they can be easily opened. For those in warmer areas, this can be particularly useful as it can be an easy way of venting the warm air out of a home.

Assumption: Adding A Skylight Will Cause Major Damage To The Roof

The addition of a skylight will require creating an opening in your roof. However, the actual impacts that this will have on the structural integrity and strength of the roof will be minimal. A professional contractor will be able to be mindful when positioning the skylight to avoid cutting through structural significant components of the roof. Furthermore, the edges around the skylight will be thoroughly sealed to prevent water from being able to seep through and damaging the surrounding roofing. These factors can make it possible to enjoy the benefits of a skylight without having to worry about serious side effects occurring to the roof.

Assumption: A Skylight Will Cause The Home To Be Harder To Keep Cool

Keeping the home cool during the summer months can be a constant challenge that will require considerable amounts of energy. This can make it an understandable concern that a person may want to avoid upgrades that will make it harder to regulate the temperature of the house. Luckily, this is not a serious concern when it comes to modern skylight options due to the use of materials that are extremely resistant to heat transfer. Furthermore, the glass pane can be made of materials that will allow the visible light to pass through while blocking much of the heat and ultraviolet rays from passing through. As an added feature, these skylights can also be equipped with motorized shades that can allow them to be closed when the sun is especially intense. These features can allow for a skylight to be installed without increasing the monthly cooling costs.

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