Should You Get Wood or Vinyl Windows?

29 April 2022
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Are you torn between whether you should get wood or vinyl windows for your home? It will help to know the following things about them before you decide on which one is best.

The Price

A wood window is going to look absolutely beautiful in your home, which is one of the reasons why they are much more expensive than vinyl windows. Many people pick wood windows because of their looks, and they end up paying for them as a result. If you do not care about any of the pros and cons and just care about the looks, you are going to want to get wood windows for your home.

Vinyl windows are going to be very cost-effective, and you'll see some significant savings as a result. If you are on a budget then vinyl windows can be a great choice due to the lower cost and all the other benefits you receive.

The Material Grade

Know that all grades of vinyl are not created equal. There are actually different grades of vinyl windows, which are often referred to as builder grade and premium grade. If you are really on a budget you can get the no-thrills grade variation of vinyl windows that will get the job done, but there is a more premium option out there as well.

For wood windows, you can increase that quality by getting aluminum cladding for the exterior portion of the window. It covers the wood so that it is protected from the elements, and helps reduce the wear and tear that the natural wood will see.

The Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining wood and vinyl windows, vinyl is going to be relatively maintenance-free. You may have to clean the window frame when it gets dirty, but there is no work needed to seal the wood to keep it in good condition. This may give vinyl windows a huge advantage because it's one thing in your home that you do not have to think about in terms of maintenance 

The Warranty

Vinyl windows are going to have much better warranties than wood windows. Some windows come with lifetime warranties and even cover glass breakage. You will not find this kind of warranty with a wood counterpart, since the warranty tends to be limited and for a shorter period of time. 

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