5 Reasons You Need Automated Roller Shades

17 September 2021
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Automated window shades come in all the colors, designs, and styles of traditional manual shades, but they offer the benefit of automation. There are quite a few reasons why you need these roller shades.

1. Mobility Issues

For those with mobility issues, it can be difficult to manually operate a window shade, whether the issue is with pulling the cord or even reaching it. Automated shades solve this issue with no fuss. You can find styles operated by wall switches, phone apps, or even a remote control. Choose the method that is easiest for your specific needs. 

2. Safety Concerns

Corded shades pose a safety concern in homes with small children or pets. It is unfortunately way too easy for a child or animal to become tangled in the cord, which can pose an injury and strangulation risk. Automated shades do not have any cords hanging down since they are operated via a motorized system. This makes them the safer choice if you have concerns. 

3. High Windows

Cathedral ceilings and high windows let in lots of light, which can really open up a room and make it beautiful. You may not want those open windows all the time, though, particularly when the sun is shining right through them. Yet, it can be difficult to operate any type of manual shade on a window that is out of reach. This is where automated shades are helpful, as you can easily open and close them with a push of a button — no matter how high on the wall the window sits. 

4. Versatility 

Automated shades are also a versatile choice. Most styles consist of simple flat or pleated panels. This gives you the freedom to add other dressing to the window to change up the style whenever you like, particularly if you choose shades in a simple neutral design. You can add curtains, swags, or decorative valances to make the window fit the evolving style of the room.

5. Smart Home Integration

For those with smart home systems, automated shades can be integrated right into the system. This means you can place the shades on a timer so that they open and close at the time you decide, even if you aren't home to control them. You can also operate the shades when you are away from home, such as when returning later than expected and you want the shades drawn. 

Contact an automated roller shade dealer to learn more about the styles available for your home.