Three Reasons To Have Your New Windows Installed In The Fall

5 February 2021
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Window installation companies work year-round. They can even install windows in the dead of winter, as long as the snowfall is light and they have a skilled crew to work fast. However, just because you can install windows at any time of year does not mean you should. If you're lucky enough to have some flexibility in your schedule and the money to schedule service on your own terms, then autumn is the best time to have new windows installed. Here's why.

You won't have to schedule around snowstorms or big rainstorms.

There may be the occasional snow flurry in the fall, but there shouldn't be a storm so large it forces your window installation team to reschedule. And while fall can bring some rain, it doesn't tend to bring the heavy, violent rainstorms you see in the spring. This all adds up to mean your window installation is more likely to happen on-schedule in the fall. In other words, you're less likely to have to reschedule. A window installation team will likely be able to work a bit faster since they're not dealing with poor weather, either.

Your new windows will lower your winter bills.

Having the new windows installed before winter arrives means you will get to enjoy lower energy bills over the coming months. New windows protect against air leaks, so you won't have a bunch of cold air blowing in. They're also made from generally more insulating materials, so there will be less direct heat loss. You're going to pay about the same amount for windows whether you have them installed in the fall or a few months later, so you might as well pay for the windows now and take advantage of the subsequent energy savings.

You might get some end-of-the-year deals.

Generally in the fall, many window manufacturers are preparing to release new lines of products in the new year, so they're likely clearing out the past year's windows. Often, they may even sell them at a discount. Likewise, since many window installers may be trying to meet quotas for the year, they might offer end-of-year deals, too. As a result, you can save quite a lot of money by installing windows in the fall.

If your windows are failing miserably and really need to be replaced, then understandably you should replace them ASAP regardless of the season. But if you can afford to wait and plan a bit more, wait for the fall. It's the ideal time for window installation for all of the reasons discussed above. For more information, contact a window installation company.