Pros And Cons Of Storm Panel Style Hurricane Shutters

4 June 2020
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If you live in the pathway of hurricanes, you need to be able to protect your home from the damage caused by these cataclysmic storms. By the time the storm arrives, it's already too late for anything but a plywood board over the window and these cause damage to your home. It's better to invest in hurricane shutters that can be installed quickly and easily when a storm warning arrives. One of the best options is a storm panel style hurricane shutter. Here are the pros and cons.



Storm panel hurricane shutters are typically made of either steel or aluminum and are incredibly cost-effective, averaging about $7 to $15 per panel compared to $20-$30 per panel for rolling panels, $15-$20 per panel for Bahama-style shutters, and even $200 to $500 per window for colonial style. They are some of the most cost-effective panels on the market.


Another major benefit of the storm panel shutters is that they are removable and only need to be installed when a storm arrives, leaving your windows open and free from obstruction or clutter at all other times of the year. The panels consist of a) bolts and tracks, which are unobtrusive and stay attached to the window surround at all times and b) the panels, which are installed before a storm. There are three types of hardware systems for storm panels: bolts and tracks, c-shaped tracks, and permanent bolts. You'll need to determine which system will work best for your needs.

Strength and Versatility

Because they are made of steel or aluminum, storm panel hurricane shutters are some of the strongest on the market and can be installed to protect both windows and doors.


These types of shutters are also highly customizable so if you have an unusually shaped window or door, your shutter can be designed to cover it completely.



One of the major drawbacks of the storm panel style is that you'll need to have space to store the panels when they're not in use, preferably somewhere nearby so that if you need them quickly, you'll have access to them.


Since they're not always in use, it's easy to forget about them when they're in storage. But it's important to ensure that the shutters are regularly inspected and maintained so that you don't realize that they need repairs when the storm is already on your doorstep.

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