How To Make Your Old Windows Airtight

29 August 2018
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Windows become less effective in ways as they age. Problems are more pronounces on windows that have movable sashes. They can warp and slowly change shape to the point that they are difficult to open and close. The weatherstripping can wear down and fall off, causing them to leak. Glass can become separated from the sash. The glaze on the glass can fade off. All of this will result in a less efficient home. Higher utility bills and trouble keeping your temperatures comfortable are bound to happen.

As a homeowner, you will need to perform some basic maintenance on your window fixtures over the years to keep them as efficient as possible. One smart goal you should have is to make sure that the windows remain airtight. Here is the best way to make sure your windows are not leaking air.

Change the Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping is going to become less effective over the years. Not only can it wear down or even peel away from the sash, but the actual shape of the sash can also change, meaning that the stripping will no longer be effective in places. For example, you might need thicker weatherstripping on one side of sash where the gap has become large due to warping. 

Each Window Might Need Different Weatherstripping

This means that replacing or adding weatherstripping to your windows can be a little complicated. You kind of need to check every window and try to feel where the leaking is most severe. One side of a sash might need slightly thicker weatherstripping than the other side. So, you need to check and fix every window one by one.

Replacing the Weatherstripping

Felt, foam and rubber weatherstripping all come in tape form with adhesive backs. So, applying the stripping is more or less like applying a sticker. The key to putting new weatherstripping on your sashes is making sure that you remove the old stripping and clean the sash as well as possible. You want to start with a smooth and clean surface so that the new weatherstripping adhesive will permanently bond to the sash. At first, your windows might be a little hard to open and close after the new stripping is applied. But, be patient with it because it will become flattened after a couple of days and become easier to open and close.

Weatherstripping replacement only costs a few dollars per window, but it is a smart and cheap way to improve your window's airtight seal. For more information, contact your local window repair service.