The Not-So-Well-Known-Benefits Of Replacement Doors

24 July 2018
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Your home's exterior could use a serious refresh. You could paint, add siding, or cover your home with a completely new façade. While those options provide a total transformation, they're also budget busters. Replacement doors are an easy way to change the look of your home without having to dip into the kids' college fund to bankroll your renovations.

What can a new entry door do for your home? Take a look at the many benefits that replacement doors have to offer.

Style Switch

Your classic or traditional home looks dated. Whether you've outgrown your home's exterior or you never appreciated it's aesthetic, a new entry door makes it easy to switch styles — without a total exterior overhaul.

Replacing a clunky solid wood door with something that's steel, glass, or streamlined can add a fresh finish that has a cool and contemporary look. Or you could go the opposite way and swap out a modern style entry door for one that's elegantly classical.

Noise Reduction

The neighbors hold loud late-night parties. The guests tend to spill into the front yard, lingering near your property line while talking or making other types of noise. An older door with cracks or gaps (or one that isn't insulated well) won't keep the sounds out.

If you're looking for an easy home improvement project that can reduce the noise level inside of your home, a replacement entry door is your answer. A well-insulated model can give you back restful nights and make your days noise-free.

Coordinated Exterior

Do you have a patchwork of colors, textures and styles that come together to make up your home's exterior? While a funky, eclectic style can create a whimsical aesthetic, a mix-and-match look isn't always welcome.

Instead of ignoring the way your windows and doors clash or the fact that the siding definitely doesn't match the rest of your exterior, replace your front entry to create a cohesive look — whether you're coordinating hues or want to transform your home into one specific style.

Stop Rot

An older wooden entry door that isn't properly finished or has peeling paint is susceptible to rot and the resulting damage. While you could re-paint your existing door, replacing it provides you with the chance to stop the problem early on while increasing your home's curb appeal. While no homeowner wants to experience door damage, turn the negative into a positive and use this as an excuse to refresh your home's exterior.

Replacement doors do much more than simply give you a new way to enter your home. From switching the style and coordinating your exterior elements to reducing noise (and damage too), replacing the front door is a home project that can truly improve your home.