Considering Storm Windows? Some Questions You May Have

22 May 2018
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Are you looking for ways to add protection to your house when a storm comes through? One weakness of your home that can use improvement is your windows. If the glass shatters, the fierce winds from a storm can ravage your home in the process. That is why it is worth upgrading to storm windows. These much stronger windows will give you the protection you need, while also being quite practical. Here are some questions you might have concerning storm windows.

Do Some Storm Window Materials Work Better Than Others?

There are several different materials that are used to make window casings for storm windows. You can always use wood, since it's a traditional material that is sure to look good on the inside and outside of your home. It provides a timeless look that you really cannot go wrong with. However, wood can decay as it gets older, which will cause the windows to weaken. You'll get plenty of use from wood windows, but you'll eventually need to replace them. Wood requires maintenance over the years, and ignoring it will shorten the lifespan of the material.

Alternative options are casings made from vinyl or aluminum. They are much more durable than wood windows and can also look great on a home. There is less of a need for maintenance over the years, which will help extend the life of the windows. While many people prefer the look of other window casing materials, vinyl and aluminum can stand up to the strong storms that will surely pass by your home.

What Is The Installation Process For Storm Windows Like?

Having storm windows installed on your home will be quite easy, especially if you are working with a window contractor in your area. The entire installation process won't take long, and they'll be ready to go when the contractor leaves your home. The existing structure of the current windows can remain in place, so nothing will be disrupted about their current installation.

One thing to keep in mind is that storm windows will be installed on the exterior, but operate on the interior. You'll need to lock the storm windows in place to ensure that they do not move during a heavy storm, which will make them the most effective at doing their job.

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