3 Things To Know About Ordering Replacement Vinyl Windows For Your Home

18 April 2018
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If you need to replace the windows in your home, vinyl is a great window material option. It is important to realize though when replacing windows in your home that it takes time to order and make replacement vinyl windows for your home.

1. Standard Sized Windows

If you have standard side windows in your home, they are a little easier to replace. Most glass stores carry vinyl windows in standard sizes in their store. If your window is a standard size, you can easily pick up and replace a window without any additional wait time. However, most windows in your home may not be the standard size, especially if your home is older.

2. Custom Sized Windows

When you measure your windows, you may find that a lot of your windows are actually custom-sized windows. Any window that falls outside of a manufacturer's standard window measurement is going to be a custom window, even if the window is just an inch wider or taller than the custom size.

When you have a non-standard window, the manufacturer is going to need to make the window for you. That means that they will have to have the glass and frame custom made. Depending on the specifications, that could take a couple of weeks or a couple of months.

3. Custom Colors

The color that you choose for your vinyl also dictates the price and how long it will take to make the window. If you use a basic color, such as a tan or white, you shouldn't incur any additional costs.

However, if you want to go with a more custom color, such as a dark green vinyl window frame, that is going to cost you more.

You can also choose to do different colored vinyl inside of your home and outside of your home. Once again, the more you customize the look of your window, the more that it is going to end up costing you.

If you want custom colors, add a few weeks to the manufacturing time you have already been given for your window. It will take additional time to make custom-colored vinyl. Keep in mind that your windows will last decades though, so it is worth it to pay for a custom look that will match with your home. With that in mind, make sure the colors you choose will look good over the long term. The windows that you install in your home today could easily still be up thirty or forty years from now, so go with timeless colors and design whenever possible.

When replacing your windows, keep in mind that often time the manufacturer has to craft a window to fit the size specification of your home as well as the custom vinyl colors that you want the frame made out of. For more information on energy efficient windows, contact your local window expert today!