A Guide to Vinyl Siding Installation

5 January 2017
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There are tons of smart ways to remodel your home. Exterior remodels are cost effective because they increase the curb appeal of your property. Installing vinyl siding is a smart remodel because it is relatively affordable. If you are interest in vinyl siding, you can make the project even more cost effective by installing it on your own. This article explains the most difficult parts of vinyl siding installation. It should help you determine whether or not you can install your own vinyl.

Lifting and Carrying the Vinyl 

Vinyl is a relatively lightweight material. Most vinyl products are sold in packs that aren't too big to carry. You can easily carry and transport these packs with one helper and a normal pick up truck. The individual planks are light, but they are long and awkward to carry. Furthermore, you need to carry them and lift them above your head while you are top of a ladder. The work is a little dangerous so you will need to be coordinated and able to handle the lifting.

Installing Vinyl on Your Existing Sidewalls

The difficulty of the project will largely depend on the material of your existing walls. The majority of the pieces are modular, so they can attach to each other without any tools. However, you will still need to secure the anchor pieces to the wall. These anchors need to be securely attached to the wall, either to the studs or concrete.

Attaching the anchors to wooden studs within the walls is usually the easiest. You can use a normal studfinder, drill bits, wood screws, and a power drill to attach the anchor pieces. On the other hand, attaching the anchors to brick sidewalls is much more difficult. You need specialized drill bit to predrill the holes. You also need to use special screws to attach the anchors. The concept and approach is pretty much the same, but this is much more time consuming than drilling into wooden studs. You will go through batteries of your cordless drill much quicker and it will be more tiring.

Basically, you need to examine your walls and determine if you will be able to handle the labor. If you have never drilled into concrete, you might find the work too tedious.

If you do think that you can handle the work, installing your own vinyl siding is a very satisfying and cost effective home upgrade. Talk to a contractor like Kemp's Windows Inc if you have more questions.