Understanding Some Basic Facts About Polyresin Plantation Shutters

23 June 2016
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If you want window treatments in your kitchen that will allow light to easily pass into the space, then plantation shutters are a great option. You will have a few choices when it comes to materials. Wood may be best if you want shutters that are stained to match the color of your trim exactly. However, if you want white or brightly colored shutters to give your home an airy or modern feel, then you may want to think about polyresin shutters instead. Keep reading to learn about a few facts about these types of shutters. 

They Are Water Resistant And Durable

Polyresin or polyester resin is a moldable plastic material that is commonly used to create household items, statues, and decorations that are meant to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. This means that polyresin shutters have the advantage of being quite strong when compared to wood, PVC, and other thermoplastic materials. Your kitchen shutters will be able to withstand heat from the sun as well as stress from food matter that may fall onto the window treatments. Polyresin is also waterproof, and this means the shutters will be easy to clean. The non-porous material can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth or cleaned with plain soap and water. 

Polyresin also has the unique ability to remain clear when it cures. When small amounts of dyes are added to the clear resin, then a jewel tone will be created. If you want the strength of polyresin and the unique style of jewel-toned shutters, then speak with your window specialist about transparent or translucent options.

Polyresin Is Heavy

Polyresin is a thermoplastic material. However, it is heavier than wood, PVC, and other materials that are commonly used to make shutters. The weight will help to keep the window treatments in place if you decide to open a window and let some air into your home. The heavy nature of the shutters may mean that large shutters cannot be created in two solid pieces to cover your windows. The hardware attached to the window frames may not be strong enough to hold the shutters.

If your windows are large, then your window specialist may ask you to choose split shutters. Each shutter will cover about one-quarter of the window and can be attached and moved separately. These types of shutters are commonly placed in bathrooms to provide privacy, but they can be a welcome addition to a kitchen by increasing your options when letting light and air into the room. For example, you can open the tops of the split shutters to let light into the kitchen that cascades closer to the ceiling. This will provide you with natural light, and it can help to keep you cool while you make dinner. 

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