4 Safety Tips When Replacing The Windows In A Second-Story Apartment

16 February 2016
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When it comes time to replace a window in an apartment unit you manage, it is tempting to take care of the entire installation process yourself in order for you to save money on handyman work. With the numerous benefits of replacing an older window, such as improving the energy-efficiency, adding more style to the apartment, and increasing the value of the unit, it makes sense for you to explore the various things that will help make installing a new window easier and safer.

Choose an Installation Date and Time Wisely

The time that you install the new window is something you do not want to take lightly since the current temperature or weather can make a big difference in how easy the installation goes. Keeping an eye on the weather will help ensure that you get the installation taken care of without problems related to rain or record high temperatures.

Handle the Installation Work from the Indoors

While it can be tempting to get a tall ladder and climb up high to reach the window for the replacement work, this could actually mean a much higher chance of an accident occurring. By taking care of all the installation indoors and leaning out slightly from the window, the chance of an issue is much lower and can keep you safer.

Clear a Space for Your Supplies and the Old Window

When installing a new window in the second story of an apartment, the last thing you want is having to fumble for the right tools. In order to make it safer for yourself, make sure to have a clear space with all the required supplies readily available.

Wear the Right Clothes for the Project

Wearing the right clothing can reduce the risk of getting injured when replacing the window, especially when splintered wood frames or cracked glass is involved. In order for you to take care of the windows properly, you should look into wearing the right clothes- mainly work gloves, shirts that do not hang too loosely where they can get caught, and safety goggles.

While there is a lot of things you can do to prepare for the prospect of installing a new window in a second-story apartment, the safest option is simply leaving it to professionals like Innovations Siding & Windows. With the cost between $1,244-$3198 for less than five windows, you can get the windows replaced in the apartment at an affordable price and without any issues.