Decorative Window Films Offer Beauty And Privacy

9 February 2016
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Decorative window films are a unique and creative way to add interest, beauty, privacy, and security to residential and business windows and glass walls. These films are perfect for ground floor residential windows, private offices and conference rooms within corporate offices, architectural partitions, doctor and dentist examination rooms, and many other places where you need light and privacy. Decorative window films are attractive and offer many other advantages, such as: 

  • Easy Installation - Decorative window films are non-adhesive, quickly installed, and remain in place by static cling. 
  • Increased Available Light - Filtered sunlight and other available light easily comes into rooms with decorative window films while they reduce inherent UV rays.
  • Maintenance Free - Decorative window films are water and scratch resistant so they look good for years after installation.
  • Protective - If a window with a decorative window film is accidentally broken, the film will protect the contents of the room by holding the pieces of broken glass together until they can be removed and replaced.
  • Bird Strike Deterrent - Birds see windows with decorative window films as a barrier because the glass surface is dulled and the shine and reflection are lessened.  
  • Temporary - Decorative window films can be installed temporarily and removed when no longer needed. 

Decorative window films are available in many styles and designs. Some are very decorative while others are minimal and yet still offer a maximum of security. Here are some of the currently available styles and designs that you can use in your residence or business:

  • Stained Glass - Colorful stained glass window films are available in designs that look like thick leaded glass. These window films can add a touch of color to an interior room and change intensity with the sunlight during the day.   
  • Etched Glass - Classic etched window films add elegance and a historical feel to interior glass walls and doors. Many of these patterns are geometric and look like antique glass.   
  • Frosted Glass - Window films that look like frosted glass are available in matte white and other matte colors. This style can add a minimum of decoration and still offer a maximum of privacy.  
  • Nature Patterned Glass - Patterns of grasses, leaves, moving water, flowers, raindrops, and other natural phenomena are available in these window films. These nature patterns are available in both simple and complex designs. 
  • Scenic Glass - Classic scenes of lighthouses, cityscapes, animals, forests, meadows, and fields can be installed to add a highly decorative touch to an architectural partition. 
  • Graphic Text Messages - Custom designed messages and words in different fonts and sizes are available in decorative window films to add a graphic advertisement wherever need. These designs place decorative text in different orientations to create and all over pattern of graphic content. 
  • Dry-Erase Glass - Decorative window films can be installed on walls or windows and used as a dry-erase surface when giving a demonstration or lecture. The dry-erase marks are easily erased from the surface when no longer needed.
  • Metallic Glass - Highly reflective metallic finishes are also available in window films. Silver, gold, and copper metallic films offer a maximum of privacy while still allowing available light to enter. 

You can add an element of beauty and interest to a residence or business with decorative window films. These films are economical and can be changed often when desired. They are also durable and can be left in place for years. Decorative window films are a good solution when you want light, beauty, and privacy. To learn more, contact a company like Green Light Window Films