3 Signs Your Sliding Glass Doors Need Professional Repair

5 February 2016
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Having glass doors installed in your home brings welcome light and a warm ambiance, and the doors are a real asset to the overall design of your home. One of the most common forms of glass door are patio doors that slide to allow the sunlight and view of your landscape to be seen from within your home. When your glass doors show signs of damage or age, you want to get them repaired as soon as you can so you can continue to enjoy them. Here are 3 signs your glass doors could use professional repair.

Grinding or sticking when using

Sliding glass doors operate by moving along a track to open and close. The track is often surrounded by a rubber lining to prevent air leakage from entering or leaving your home, and it operates via small wheels that slide along the track. If the wheels begin to wear and become uneven or the track gets disrupted by dirt, debris, or even damage from being kicked or slammed, then you can have issues with grinding or sticking when you open and close your doors. This can put strain on your glass panels or cause your doors to fail to operate completely. Call a professional glass door repair company to have someone inspect your track so they can lubricate it, replace rubber or tracks as needed, or address cracks in your door frame from the strain of opening and closing.

Older glass

If your sliding glass doors are old, then this means the glass in your door frame may not be as durable as what is available on the market today. If your sliding glass doors are decades old, you may want to consider glass repair or replacement so you can have sturdier glass that is less susceptible to impact or damage than the glass you currently have. Glass replacement options you can consider include these:

  • tinted or insulated glass for energy efficiency
  • high-impact glass for durability and protection
  • laminated glass (commonly used in windshields) for high wind protection

Broken glass or damaged frame

One of the most obvious signs you need glass door repair is if you have visible damage to your door or existing glass. A cracked pane of glass can compromise the safety of your door, especially if it is used often to get in and out of the home. The sliding action of opening and closing your door can put strain on weakened parts of your glass, which can make small issues like a tiny crack or peeling frame even worse. Contact a glass door repair company as soon as you can so they can repair smaller issues before you have to replace the entire door.

Sliding glass doors are a wonderful addition to any home, and with great care they can last for 20 years or more. If you notice issues with your glass door, contact a professional from a company like Cheaper Window Glass right away so you can make repairs and help enhance the life of your door.