Easy-To-Care-For Kitchen Window Treatments

25 January 2016
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Kitchen window treatments are known to be gone through quite a lot. Since the kitchen is the most trafficked room in the house and have so much food and drink carried throughout, the curtains that are hung can get splashed, rubbed up against and splattered with all sorts of things. So how do you choose window treatments for your kitchen that will be able to withstand all that they will go through? Below, you will find some information to help you make the best selection for your kitchen.

Sink Window

Many kitchens have a beautiful window directly above the sink. Sure, that window is wonderful for letting natural light in the space and opening it for some fresh air blown in your face as you clean up after dinner, but that window can be hard to dress without ending up with window treatments splattered with all sorts of things.

Stick with Cotton – Cotton window treatments are easy for you to take down, treat the spots and send them through the washing machine and dryer. As long as you treat the stains soon after they occur, you should be able to keep cotton window treatments looking very nice for quite some time.

Go with Wood – If you know that the window treatment will be exposed to many substances splashing on them, stick with wooden window treatments. You can choose from the average wooden blinds or choose to go with indoor shutters. Either of these options will allow you to open and close the treatment for privacy but will also be easy for you to wipe clean with your favorite multipurpose cleaner.

Opt for a Valance – Keeping the window treatment up and away from the splash zone around your sink can give the window a finished look without all of the exposure to the messes going on in the sink. You can hang a fabric valance quite easily and remove it when it needs cleaned, or, you can choose to install a wooden valance box at the top of your window.

Other Kitchen Windows

The other windows in your kitchen will not be exposed to quite as much of a mess as the window above the sink, but there are a couple of things to remember.  

  1. Don't get drapes that reach the floor. Make sure that the drapes only hang to an inch or two above the floor. When drapes in the kitchen reach the floor, it will make keeping the floor clean more work and it will put the curtains at risk of damage when spills occur.
  2. Stay away from difficult fabric. The curtains that you choose to hang must be easy to wash. You don't want to spend a small fortune to have them dry cleaned each time something gets spilled on them. Cotton or poly-cotton blends will do nicely and be very easy for you to care for.

Talk with your window treatment expert, such as Snyders Shades & Shutters, to learn more about choosing the perfect window treatments for your kitchen.