Three Ways That Your Approach To Driving Can Prevent Further Windshield Damage

21 January 2016
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Something that irks every driver is being behind another vehicle and not being able to react in time as a stone flies through the air and causes a windshield chip. Some such incidents can lead to a sizable crack right away, while others might result in a small chip that seems innocuous. It's best to avoid ignoring the damage, as small as it might seem. If you visit an auto glass specialist quickly enough, a technician can often fill the chip to repair the damage; if the damage has spread by the time of your visit, you're likely looking at a complete replacement job. Here are three strategies you can use to attempt to keep the chip from spreading.

Avoid Traveling Behind Trucks

While you should never engage in an evasive driving move that is dangerous, it's advantageous to avoid traveling behind trucks as much as possible. Whether you can increase your following distance, find an alternative route to your destination or, when safe, pass the truck, it's ideal to be away from this type of vehicle. Trucks are often more apt to pick up rocks given that they have considerably more tires than vehicles. Additionally, if a dump truck is coming from a job site, there's a good chance that it already has pieces of gravel wedged into its tire treads, which could result in another rock strike on the windshield that creates enough of a vibration to cause your damage to grow.

Skip Driving In Extreme Temperatures

It's not extreme temperatures, per se, that cause your windshield chip to expand in size -- it's your natural response to them. Windshield chips are notorious for growing before your eyes when they're subjected to a temperature change. This means that turning on the heat in a cold car and pumping the A/C in a hot car creates the perfect scenario for the damage to grow. When the temperature is extreme either way, try to avoid using your vehicle until you've had the problem rectified.

Research The Worst Roads

Many local media outlets publish annual surveys that list the worst roads to drive on in the city. If your local newspaper or radio station provides such data, familiarize yourself with the information contained in the report and try to avoid taking such routes. Roads that consistently make these lists are often littered with potholes; driving over a pothole creates a jarring shock that can cause your windshield damage to grow in size.

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