4 Benefits To Installing Tinted 3M Window Film In Your Home

11 December 2018
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When you're shopping for window dressings, you probably decided between curtains or blinds. You might not realize that there is another option to consider: 3M window film. Tinted window film is a fast and easy way to tint your windows without having to pay a lot of money. Here are three benefits to installing 3M window film in your home.

1. Keep fading at bay.

When you invest in a piece of art to decorate your home, you want to make sure that it stays pristine for as long as possible. Exposure to sunlight is one of the leading causes of damage to artwork since ultraviolet (UV) rays can fade the pigment of your painting. You could avoid hanging paintings and photographs in sunny rooms, but that closes off a whole avenue of decorating options. Instead, invest in tinted 3M window film. It keeps out harmful UV rays that could damage your art. As an added bonus, it will protect the fabric on your rugs and furniture from fading, too.

2. Protect your skin.

3M window film can also benefit your health. UV rays are harmful to your skin, and they can affect you even when you're inside. According to the American Cancer Society, most UV rays can pass through windows. Ordinarily, you would have to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from these rays, but no one wants to wear sunscreen in their own house. Tinted window film can keep out UV rays so you can enjoy a cup of coffee by the window without worrying about sunburn or skin cancer.

3. Retain your privacy.

If you live in a populated area, it's likely that you have neighbors nearby. Even if you love your neighbors, you probably don't want them looking into your house. 3M window film is tinted so it reduces the visibility into your home from outside. You can retain your privacy and still keep your curtains open. This is especially useful in bedrooms and bathrooms, so don't be afraid to put 3M window film in every room of your house.

4. Shield your eyes.

Depending on the layout of your house, the sun may shine directly into your windows during certain parts of the day. This can be particularly distracting if you're trying to work on a laptop or watch television since the glare from the screen can hurt your eyes. 3M tinted window film reduces glare so you can work or watch television even during the afternoon while the sun is shining in your windows.

These are just a few benefits of tinted window film. If you're interested in trying it for yourself, contact a company like Pro Tection Seattle Inc. It's an affordable solution to a wide variety of problems.